The moment Sarah-Kate Lynch worked out that travelling to France and Italy and Ireland and England and New York and Charleston to make things up about people could be a job, she applied for it and got it.

She also writes two columns for New Zealand Woman's Day plus you can find her on Facebook as Sarah-Kate Lynch - Writer or follow her on Twitter. This will not take very long as she is actually allergic to her computer and breaks out in an unsightly rash when typing, so limits her time spent on it to writing books and columns. It's better for her nervous tic that way.

She lives with her husband and her dog but she's often not sure where - and she likes it that way.

Screw You Dolores!

When novelist and columnist Sarah-Kate Lynch turned 50 she declared ‘A Year of Me’ and set off in search of the key to happiness. She started with great expectations by shopping for shoes in Paris, attempted to build her character by going solo, counted her friends on the fingers of both hands, recounted a dodgy handshake with Hugh Jackman, joined a laughing yoga group in Mumbai, drank too much rosé and ate too much salt. By the end of the year she was, much to her own surprise, in possession of a clean bill of health and the secret to happiness. No, not THE SECRET. That’s not even a secret any more. Another one - which is also now no longer a secret because in the endearing, hilarious Screw You Dolores, she shares it with you.

Available at all good bookstores in New Zealand and worldwide as an e-book on amazon.

Click on the cover of THE WEDDING BEES and you can now buy it in the US!

It's been a long time buzzing in the hive but hopefully it might just make the winter feel a tiny bit sunnier.

I'll tell you what else might make the winter a bit sunnier - honey. One of the best recipes for fending off a cold is to add an enormous dollop of honey to the juice of at least one lemon in a cup of boiling water then grate in a little fresh ginger.

Also, if it's not the morning, a shot of bourbon never goes astray either.

And if it is morning? Well, depends who's looking.

THE WEDDING BEES is a simple story about sharing the love, and letting it be shared. I hope you all enjoy it.

If you click on the "truly brand new blog" above, I've put my blueberry and banana low-fat muffin recipe there too. I make them in a batch and then eat three immediately (which is probably not the low-fat option) and freeze the rest. That way I can bring them out one at a time when I'm in desperate need of a little something delicious that isn't going to snap my elastic, if you know what I'm saying.

You can also use a little runny honey in a margarita, by the way. And if you want an extra dessert late at night, or mid-morning, I pour a little plain yoghurt on a handful of almonds and then drizzle honey on top.

You know what? I'm making myself so hungry it's not funny. Go straight to honey jar. Do not pass go. Do not even bother with a spoon. That's what God gave you fingers for.

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